Musicoin Proof of stake?


Is there any chance that musicoin becomes Proof Of stake? Wich will probaly motivate artists to HOLD there coins!
And of course become an eco friendly crypto…
Thanks for answer.


Proof of Sharism ☺
Pages 20,24,25. Further info will be available in next version of whitepaper.

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I’m really excited to see the execution of Proof of Share. I feel it has much potential and can help lower the energy cost used in the P.O.W. Can’t wait to read more info on how this works. Fingers crossed!

As Parappha the rapper would say… alt text

@fuzz-heady Parappa the Rapper! Wow that takes me back! Sharism is absolutely the way forward and there is plenty to look forward to - an updated whitepaper sounds good too, would like to read that when it’s done 🙂

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