Adding Substance With Tracks (Videos)

I’m not necessarily sure on the policies of cross promotions with other forums but I definitely feel that it would be beneficial for artists to be able to put videos right under those tracks that they have visuals for. Many people pay more attention to what they can see and hear, rather than just what they can hear. Maybe this is something that the team can think about.


@George-Escalante Entering the link to description field is a way that you can do it so people can see the video(on external pages, platform were it was released)if they are interested. ☺

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Thank you for that. Is there any way to have even a small sample or snippet of a visual next to our tracks, for people to see?

@zeljko-stanojkovski Good tip! This is a nice way to increase the benefit you get from Musicoin. Get more people that can listen to your music and also more people to watch it 🙂

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