Vote for artist of the week- [WEEK 7]!

i wanted to vote for noella but Niki stole my heart and voted for niki 😄

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@gjart Good point. Everyone’s agreeing 100%
Though I kinda wanna agree only 90% Still a pretty high percentage though…

Hey Ya’ll!!
Honored to be part of this poll and Musicoin.
Thanks to the community and all the votes 🙂
-LOVE!!! Niki

@niki-j-crawford Nice to meet you Niki! Will be checking out your music soon xo

@thommo Thank you, i have produced the majority of my music myself so the support means so much to me x


Blessings full of Light & Love to all this great Artist!! @Niki-J-Crawford @Noella-Nix @Blamethrower @leerice @bryandivisions


We have a winner, it’s @Niki-J-Crawford !!!

Thank you all for participating!

Thank y’all so much for votin me “Artist of the Week”! Musicoin TV- It was so much fun watching you guys today! - LOVE!


Congrats Niki! Keep that great music comin’

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