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Noella Nix
Lee Rice
Bryan Divisions
Niki J Crawford

This is the first poll in which I am not familiar with any of the artists, since this weekly voting began. I shall listen to them all attentively! 🙂

Niki! She has an amazing voice.


Man…I’ll have to comeback to this later…I am completely divided…not an easy choice this week. I’ll have to listen to them all week long…

vivid Noella Nix

Can I make a suggestion @Zeljko-Stanojkovski? A criteria for Artist of The Week should be some level of engagement in the platform/community during the last month. A few of the nominations this week appear to have swung by a few months ago, dropped their tracks and not returned. Yes, we want to flag good music, but I don’t think this is a behaviour that we want to encourage?

@gjart yes totally agree with this 100%


That is a fantastic idea @GJART

Have to agree @GJART - although I have to say that some of these artists are rather damn good. Dunno who to vote for yet again.

Having now had a listen to all of the artists and had a look at their engagement, I can see even more what @GJART means. I confess I am not exactly brilliant at this either but I do try really hard to get on here whenever I can (well, when the family and work allow me to at any rate!)

I am finding the forum more and more interesting actually as time goes by and I LOVE this poll idea. It makes me really think about new artists and introduces me to people/tracks/genres that I usually might not have listened to.

Anyway, sorry about my rambling. Who to vote for? That is the question.


This is a good suggestion and we should value "level of engagement in the platform/community " but also, we are trying to encourage uploading of high quality content.

@thommo I usually try to engage with everyone that tips or follows me, i work full time as well as doing music and trying to manage a bunch of social media pages can be tough at times. But i agree with what @GJART said 100%. I’ve been active on Twitter and Facebook posting my Musicoin link which was really successful with one of my songs. But we can always improve and make an effort to be more active within the community. Im loving Musicoin so far and really cant wait until more people hear about it and start using it. It’s a bonus for me being a crypto trader/investor, makes the platform even more exciting!

@Noella-Nix That’s really positive to hear and try my best to engage, which is why I like this forum. Like you, I have tried to use the Musicoin link in various places and to a certain extent it works but I do find sadly that since I am not well known on Twitter and don’t have a FB account, my tracks are quite often forgotten on here. Maybe more people will find them when the site grows even larger. Love your music by the way and have voted for you. Fingers crossed.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can get my tracks heard by more people, I’d appreciate them!


I’m not familiar with any of these artists. Will be soon! Rock on…


@thommo It’s a hard and long road for all of us. I know how you feel. I try to tweet, FB, Instagram as much as I can. I also joined where you upload to DSound. Hell, we need 36 hours in the day!!! Good luck, your stuff is cool. Keep rocking on!


@gjart Yes, agree with that, although it’s a hard juggling act. As musicians our main focus is to make music. That said, we should support each other, engage as much as we can and learn to be grateful for the tips we get and say thank you once in a while.


Er… we should probably be discussing this on another page. Back to the poll)))

@stevee thanks so much buddy and what a great chat that was between us all on twitter about musicoin.

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