@zeljko-stanojkovski If you haven’t already chosen a topic for next week’s contest, I’d like to suggest “Psychedelic”. Got some tracks I want to show off.

@zeljko-stanojkovski I deleted some of my posts, not just because of genre qualifications, but I noticed that @Com-Adore had a link on Twitter for his entry here, and it showed up with my image. I’m sure he doesn’t want any branding confusion more than I do. It seems that the first posted image in the thread ends up showing in any external links.

So, to avoid that problem again, you might want to post an image with your announcement post - the musicoin logo for example. That way us arty types can post cover images for our songs and others can create links elsewhere without any image mixups.

Late entry from me and Devilair come give us a spin and a vote u know u wanna 4 hour creation look out if we find more time 😛


@greg-mccann When we scroll the page we can see that numbers change at the and of URL(in browser address bar). That’s the number of a post which is currently in the center of our screen. So when we want our post to be seen on external links we need to to make sure it’s our post which is in the middle of the screen before we copy the link. Looks tricky on first two attempts but after that is very easy :relaxed

@zeljko-stanojkovski I rechecked @Com-Adore’s Twitter link and the link is straight to his post on this thread, which is number /29. He didn’t make any mistake. The image was from my post, number /34. Even after I deleted my post, my image still turns up in his twitter link.

Here is the Twitter link.

It’s not that big of a deal but it has activated my problem solving itch.I certainly don’t blame @Com-Adore for any of this! But I’m wondering if he had used an image in his post, since his post was before mine, would that have become the default image for anyone else posting a link to this thread on Twitter? Or do Twitter links to posts here that don’t have images default to the next available image in this thread?

In any event I took the liberty to design a title image that you might choose to use for your next contest. I’m curious to see if it would become the default image for external links…

Hello , i’m Anthony. I just released this song. Feel free to support me and i hope you’ll enjoy my song ! 🙂
Thank you Zeljko for this contest ! I really appreciate 🙂


And our winner is @Com-Adore with his track Dream Flo !!!

Thank you everyone for your submissions ☺

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Congrats @Com-Adore and well done to everyone else some real good tracks in here proves DnB still going strong still remember hearing my first dnb track in the early 90’s haha plus thankyou to everyone who voted for my little creations happy to be amongst these amazing producers 🙂

Plus a big huge thankyou to the Musicoin team for this weeks contest and extension due to the gremlins 😉 you guys rock 😄

Wow! Thanks to everyone who voted. This is unreal.

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