Let’s continue our weekly contest for song of the week.
It’s the week of DRUM & BASS (all sub-genres are welcome)!

Show us your tracks in this genre!
Let’s see/hear some nice tracks from our library.

Here’s how this should work:

  1. Nominate only your own track(s) by posting URL here on this topic.
  2. We would like to hear some new, quality tracks from you so releases should not be older than 2 months(on our platform).
  3. The track should be in the genre/style which is set for the current week. Those tracks totally out of the genre will be rejected.
  4. We will have different genre every week.
  5. Upvoting the post will be the way of voting.
  6. A reward for the winner will be 1000 MC.
    In case we have two or more posts/tracks with the same number of votes the oldest post will be a winner.

We will extend this contest to last one extra week since there were problems with posting function. Voting will end on Sunday 6/03 at 9pm UTC.

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Thanks @Zeljko-Stanojkovski I got a few of these will add my most played for my first and add some more once lots more entries here you go the crazy Storm of the Mighty Enjoy 🙂

Also just noticed this track is over 2 months old just 😞 So if it wins please make sure to reward second place as this one does not fit into the rules thanks for the listens was so excited for the Drum & Bass week I totally forgot the rules *Facepalm 😛

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PEACE. I’m trying to enter my track for this, “Song Of The Week” contest but none of my tracks seem to be working at this time. There definitely seems to be some glitches on the site that would hold back progress.


@george-escalante Devs are working on some site updates and maintenance, you can post the link to your track here regardless of if you can play it at the moment ☺

I’m a bit puzzled about what fits this category (including sub-genres)? Does it has to be drum & bass only or can we share a full track that has a nice drum or bass line?

Here’s another track with drums, crisp snare with rim shot with soft bass kick with a twist of acoustics enjoy!

Is it “Lounge” a sub-genre for drum & bass?

If so here`s my track
Hope you enjoy!

Here is my submission, just finished this track!

Everyone entering here; Don’t forget Volareo is also hosting a contest . You are free to enter both!

Sigh guess some people don’t read the instructions some of these tracks are not Drum and Bass and like my big mistake on my first post on here they must not be over 2 months old which my other one is very close too oh well good luck everyone at least we get to hear some tracks we may have not heard before 😉

Now this is my kinda week!! Don’t be surprised if you folks hear from me for my new podcast series on musicoin as I am a DnB DJ, as well as a producer! Thanks musicoin!!

Here’s one track from my profile, I hope Jonjon enters as well as he’s got some lovely tracks:

@9-wes This isn’t drum & bass as far as I’m aware my friend although you could definitely get a rapper on that, it would sound dope! It’s a rap/hip hop beat?

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@anderson-quevedo Nice chillout track man but this isn’t Drum & Bass, put a high energy drum beat in there with a tasty bassline and you could be on to a winner 🙂

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@erwin-goossens-0 Nice break beat sounds man! Liking that 🙂

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