Hi guys, just a random post from me… so whats my topic? I am not a musician, bottom line, im not, i never considered myself that way before. im just a guy who knows how to sing, rap and play a few instruments, i make music without style! I sequence everything with FLstudio, even live recordings. music is a commited hobby for me really… i started messing around with octamed in the early 90s and that gave me the buzz for making music with computers, as technology progressed i stayed commited, i dont often share my music with anyone, usually just friends and family, for years they have encouraged me to do something withit. I wasnt really a fan of sooundcloud so decided to use my computer knowledge to distribute my music via my own app/website then i discovered musicoin, i love this place and has given me a wider audience to share with people who may be like me, not really a musician, just a 9-5 job guy that makes music on the side as a hobby…because everything i use to make a song such as one shots and vst plugins are royalty free i believe in giving the final work for free, but the nice idea of musicoin with the crypto tokens i like, its nice to see that reward no matter how little it may be in appreciation encourages me to make more! i hope you enjoy what i upload, i try to please every genre i can.