many questions, i ask to delivery this question for the develop team, thanx

I was a web developer since my 15 years old and im 31 now.
I see many kind of troubles at this project.
How many musicians you think that are familiar to cryptos process? install a desktop musicoin wallet, join to a exchange, install a bitcoin wallet…sell your bitcoins to a fiat? dont you think these process will let the platform less atractive for the newbies?
Other question? why not do a cross platform desktop wallet… Its a ether bases its simples , just preconfigure a my ether wallet (for example) to be a musicoin wallet cross-platform and zip that!
I think is a good idea to add the option to the musician (as default) to earn in dolar (based on the currency of musicoin at the time of withdraw). I think at least a option to withdraw for paypal already will turn more atractive and more easily to users that dont understand how to do a trade. Many musicians has no idea how to manage a simple order at cryptopia or bittrex… And they are very busing doing music to learn that process.

Why not a client-side webapp that works in all mobile’s OS?

A featured that make all sites like musicoin more interesting is the "listen to music that sound like “John” with a list with the musicians that use the same tags under register, display it by most popular to less.

The design of the site its another problem for me. Honestly, the website is very ugly.
If you compare the lok of with soudcloud, deezer, spotify… honestly…its very uglier than these websites.

Im a php programer (mysql, html, css, javascript) these basic things…
A recursive css/html design could be a fast solution for the devices problem.
Auto-play… if somebody click on a link out of the website , he wants to listen the music, why he needs to click again on the play button?

The project has one year…and i know thats is possible to make a similar website (using a cms like wordpress and some plugin) at few weeks…why are you at the beta version until now?
The index page need to be one page with a least a search engine and a thumbnail of a least five artists (the top one) of five diferents genres of music… It need to be a functional page. The distance at web is mesuared by clicks… How many clicks the user needs to reach your goal more far they are, and more chances to give up.

Backing to layout. The black color remind a classical atmosphere. We are talking about future here, descentralization, directly pay. Its just not coherent with all the concept of the thing. Make it more future-like. Sorr, but i need to be honestly…it looks like concept of web layouts was 18 years ago.

Im a developer, im a webdesigner. I know all of html css, php, mysql (sql based databases at all). I dont know if youre using wordpress. But the site look very similar to wordpress theme (if you are using its good…its a very stable cms). The las website that i made is, its another kind of site…but you can have some idea of my knoledge… I honestly open to talk with the team and maybe hep you. Because its not working guys… No one musician will be willing to learn about the usability of an exchange. How can you compete with spotify if youre not a final-user complete aplication. You will leave the musicians with musicoin and they will dont know how to do with that! The idea of your project is good. But the aplication have all kind of problems. Of layout, usability, payment process is not well for basic computer users… Some basic features is missing. Your wallet is easy enough to install… You really think that someday you will have some artists like pearl jam, radiohead, mgmt under this platform? do you think that they have time to work with wallets, exchanges, withdraws and turn btc at fiat?? They dont wanna be holders, they dont need that, they earn a lot with plays… hold is for miners.
Do you know that when cryptopia musicoin wallet be working a lot of people will sell musicoin at the same time? the bittrex is not accepting new users. The price is go incredible down…And you think how much money a lot of people you loose? the value of the musicoin will not comeback to 0,2 usd so quickly. How you will hang with that? if this have a big fall…its dificult and take a time (if its happen…i hope so) to comeback to the same price that was a few weekends ago.
I wanna help the team… i can help the develop team, i can help with strategy…with usability design, with the minimal features that is need to have. So if you want talk with me, i can help this project to reach your goal. If turn the new “spotify” is really your goal… i dont trusty anybody… If you ask me to ver honestly conversation im open to help a lot of this project…because im musician and i know the boogarins members, the vanguart mebers…and a i know all the comunity of musician of my region… I can help with development, with promotion. So if you wanna talk about. ask me at If you dont… it will mean to me that you arent serious…because right now, you dont look serious yet.

sorry, i say wrong…i wanna say a server-side app based. With a simple html/css interface.

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