Wallet Offline At Bittrex

All good here. Made a deposit last night and works like a charm!

As it seems Bittrex is back up and working but they're still not open for new accounts. So you can't sign up at the moment.


@im Working just fine!

@neon-insect Just tried that seconds ago. still have issues with registering the new users. No new signups on either bittrex or cryptopia due to high volume of new users.

@robert-bocanet oooh, i was referring to transactions at bittrex. not registrations. haven't heard anything of the likes that they opened that up again.

@neon-insect thanks. can you direct me to a post where it will explain how to use musicoin desktop wallet ?

@neon-insect i am asking that because I think I did something wrong since in my desktop app when I pasted the address I have next to my balance, it said 0. and my balance is around 50 MC.

@robert-bocanet you mean...the balance on your desktop or your musicoin.org balance?

@neon-insect the balance on my desktop is 0. I send some coins from my musicoin.org and they subtracted the amount from my website balance,but on my desktop wallet still got 0. I was browsing the forum in search of some answers but none available so far. Also a guide to mine musicoins would be fine since I am a newbie at mining cryptos in general ( tried to mine bitcoins 2 years ago when the value was low but didn't had the necessary equipment back then)

@robert-bocanet your money shouldn't be lost. You just need to make sure, that your wallet is synced with the blockchain. Blockchain includes every transaction ever made so also yours. Which means, once it is synced up, your balance should be corrected.

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