Wallet Offline At Bittrex

Anyone know why Musicoin Wallet is off line at Bittrex?


Just noticed that a while ago too…

As I noticed now Bittrex is having some upgrades and perhaps musicoin wallet is offline because of that. Any other way to actually use there musicoins ?

@robert-bocanet if bittrex is “down”, then no. The other market would be Cryptopia, which currently has no connection to $MUSIC


I wanted to transfer my $MUSIC to my wallet at Musicoin but they are stuck at Cryptopia for a few days already, without explanation as to the NoConnection status or when it will be resolved.

Happens all the time with all currencies. Just be patient and it will come back online.

Possible Reasons:

- There could be a possible fork on the block chain.  In order to protect funds, we have disabled the wallet until a consensus has been made on which chain is the proper chain.
- The wallet has been updated by the developer and the exchange is in the process of implementing the wallet update.
- The wallet daemon on our server has hung or crashed.
- The wallet is sending orphan transactions or having an issue that requires the developer to work with us on resolving.
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I’ll be completely honest here as a newbie to this, and I appreciate it is new technology but the fact that I have had $MUSIC “lost” somewhere between my wallet and Cryptopia for over 2 weeks now with no support response from Cryptopia makes me very nervous.

Lack of support really puts people off using any service and with something that has such amazing potential it is a real shame.

Keep your music coin in your cold storage wallet and don’t change it. This Project gonna grow up and his value too but it take time. The important is to have a network running and miners working and everything will go alright . ( i hope )

this is what i found in cryptocoincharts.info

2,113.06 BTC
30,144,913.96 USD
25,067,244.36 EUR
38,459,996.59 AUD
37,749,300.10 CAD
29,449,229.64 CHF
215,954,732.00 CNY
22,263,465.92 GBP
3,394,972,963.77 JPY
32,040,878,323.51 KRW
370,657,521.18 ZAR
Trading volume of all pairs for this coin
108.26 BTC

Circulating Coin Supply


At the moment I like to have a bit of fun by using my $MUSIC to buy some other cryptos but keep some $MUSIC too. The good thing about Musicoin (well there are lots of good things!) is that you don’t earn a $ amount for a play you earn a coin so by having music on the site you are effectively mining and if the value goes up then so does the value of every play. I love it!

@neon-insect Thank you for your response. So right now there is no way to actually use this currency. I will keep it and perhaps in some months I can use them to convert into real currency and finance some projects 😄

@robert-bocanet I think Bittrex is fixed right now. So you can again. Unleass I misread that somewhere.


Anyone still have problems? Bittrex guys told us it’s good now.

All good here. Made a deposit last night and works like a charm!

As it seems Bittrex is back up and working but they’re still not open for new accounts. So you can’t sign up at the moment.


@im Working just fine!

@neon-insect Just tried that seconds ago. still have issues with registering the new users. No new signups on either bittrex or cryptopia due to high volume of new users.

@robert-bocanet oooh, i was referring to transactions at bittrex. not registrations. haven’t heard anything of the likes that they opened that up again.

@neon-insect thanks. can you direct me to a post where it will explain how to use musicoin desktop wallet ?

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