Musards scam

Please let everyone know that Musards is a scam and to NOT send them any ETH!! Post a comment on this tweet to let everyone know who reads it.

Look at their closing comment too: “@musicoins @opusfoundation Watch out”.


Hello @juxta! Thaaanks for the info! Honestly, till now I even didn’t know that ICO and project existed :-). Being used to crosscheck any piece of information I receive, I found this on Musard’s subreddit:

Could you share the source(s) of your “scam” diagnostic? It may be a scam, but for us to be sure of it we should undertake a series of verifications, e.g. look for their GitHub activity and repositeries, contact the devs and check in which other projects they’ve been engaged before, and so on.

I comment this because any Musicoin Forum thread is publically accessible, and to avoid generating tension with that other platform, just in case it’d be legit 🙂


I asked them to provide their company name, address and registration number and they blocked me from their Twitter. Nearly every link on their page for their advisors is broken.

They have no proof of concept for any of their technology.

They have no KYC (know your customer).

It’s run from India and they made an attempt at threatening me with hearing from US lawyers (I am in the UK).

If it’s legitimate it’s a very strange way to go about it!

All I am saying is if anyone is thinking of investing do your due diligence!

This post is deleted!

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