Biggest Volareo Contest Win 6000 Musicoin


Here is my entry:

Nick Names - Data (Original Mix)

Here is my official music video for that track:

Much Love! #WeAreNameless

ReadyMade Memories is a two piece indie synth rock band from Oregon and our new release is Decay Waltz. Its has a gypsy waltz punk vibe. Thank you for the contest! Musicoin a great platform!


and our last winner is @Rajaee-Grey Congratulations.
Thank you all so much for joining our contest 🙂 Hope you guys enjoyed.
Our Chief of Music’s label DosOrDieRecords just pre-released two songs exclusively to musicoin for 2 weeks! Listen to it while you can:

A big thank you to everyone on @musiccoin and @Volareo for hosting this wonderful contest and bringing us all together. I am very honored to have participated and discovered some great music from you all.

This post is deleted!

Awww Damn… missed this one by a couple of days. Shame. I hope there will be a new contest soon. Would love to enter.

There will be more soon 🙂 Sign up to our newsletter then you will never miss them!

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