Togetherness is the Key!!

Most if not all musicians want some form of acknowledgement, irrespective of genre so its imperative that we recognize and expose what we perceive as greatness! No need to “hog” all of the spotlight, for the light is far too bright for just a few to shine! Peace

100% agree. Help each other. That is what really helps yourself! Give the right example for later users to first admire and then follow.

yes i agree wholeheartedly , unfortunately not all the artists on this site feel the same way , there is not enough interaction . well hey you just can’t stop people being selfish i suppose .
Some folk like the fact that you listen to their music, leave a comment , thumbs up and leave a tip , but are not prepared to do the same back , but that is just human nature ! I will keep on enjoying this musicoin experience , but sadly i do not expect too much in reciprocation . Sorry to put a downer on things … i am just being real . all the best and keep makin’ those tunes.

Excellently put, totally agree.

@clive-fuller Unfortunately, we see this kind of behaviour all over the social media and web, It’s something that happens everywhere. No interaction on behalf of who’s sharing to various pages, sites etc etc. results in no reply or interaction to your own posts. Seems that people, artists, musicians and so on just don’t understand that. The whole idea of Social networking is the being social.

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