Will PPP costs be reduced in the future?

Hey all,

I’m looking at the economics of the system. I might be missing something, but here’s what I’m calculating:

  • Assume an average music listener streams 15 tracks a day
  • Assume Musicoin pays the minimum PPP of $0.02 to the artist for each track
  • This would work out to $0.30 a day, or $109.5 a year per user.

I get that this would be great for artists, but how could users realistically afford to bare the costs?

I know the PPP fee actually gets paid out of a cut of newly issued coins, but one way or another if the artists are selling their coins to afford living expenses then that cash has to be coming from somewhere. Am I missing something or is there some other aspect to the ecosystem?



Hi @mrice ,

Good question! This question is actually answered in the Musicoin whitepaper, that can be found here: https://www.scribd.com/document/362834077/Musicoin-White-Paper-v2-0-0
on page 17 and 18 you’ll see the economic vision at the time of writing the whitepaper.
I hope that answers your question!

Mar T.

Hi @mrice

The cost is assuming by miners and not listeners and as the coin gains in value they will decrease the amount of MC per stream to always sustain a 0.02$-ish stream.

You’ll have more details in the white paper, and I believe a new whitepaper (V3) is about to be announced to show what the Proof of sharism will look like (people who share music gets rewarded for doing so) and they will present (I hope) other stuff too (new platform, new features etc).

Thanks @Mar-T for sharing the white paper 🙂


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