Where is the new whitepaper/update on mining Ice Age (difficulty rise)?

Where is the new whitepaper/update on mining Ice Age (difficulty rise)?
Originally it was supposed to be here in April. It will be June soon.

Yep I was waiting for it as well for the end of April as announced in a video but nothing so far.
They are probably working on the stability of the latest landing page update 😉 I think but not sure, they will be releasing the new whitepaper in Q3

Important question. Actual page is more important though don’t you think? In My eyes that is what sets Musicoin apart from other streaming services. They actually do while most just raise money and still to this day don’t even have a platform.


It was roadmap not whitepaper, and will be released very soon, after translation in other languages is done. ☺


@zeljko-stanojkovski if I can help with translation to French or Spanish, just let me know 🙂


Any major technology companies/projects experience delays on a regular basis. It is very normal.

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OK - thanks all for the replies and clarification (roadmap not whitepaper). Looking forward to details regarding difficulty rise or not / etc regarding mining.

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