Looking for bigger bands / artists

I wonder if the musicoin team is thinking about sponsors to market the platform?
Or getting bigger artists on board and maybe get them to post an exclusive song on musicoin? The biggests artists of the moment are all on big labels and probably won’t be convinced, but what about bands which are now releasing their stuff themselves, like Sum41 did for their latest album? Some bands which are over the hill are still popular and more open to try new things…

Just a though. I feel that right now the platform needs a major push to get some value and more popular artists is the way too go.


i think the big change will come with the mobile app , so when we have the new platform and the mob app up and working flawlessly the dev team will start a big campaign and soon or later some big name will do the move… 🙂


after that everything is a matter of time… 🙂

sum41 on Musicoin would be cool

I like the idea but agree with @Asterios-Papastamatakis we need to release a fully working product otherwise we’re going straight to a catastrophe.

At some point, I guess the musicoin team we’ll need to market the platform and negotiate deals with labels to attract both listeners and famous artist.

I would love to see Sum41 listed on musicoin too btw… 🙂

Bands will come 🙂 Once we all improve the activity on the platform and the team improves the stability and usability it is a matter of time… Mainstream always takes more time to adopt


@naked-gun Yeah it will be advertised and bigger artists will come but just like @Volareo said it’s gonna happen after improvements in stability and usability. After that it really is a matter of time ☺

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