Hackathon in Paris ! Coming soon !

Hi there,

I’m preparing the organization of a Hackathon & Conferences event about Blockchain in a main engineer school in Paris.
I would love to include a Musicoin Challenge and count Musicoin as an official partner of this event, to promote it to dev, engineers, students, artists…

Are there any people interested in this project there ? (FR or European?)
Any dev teams interested to come ?
Any admin available to give a one hour conference about Musicoin to introduce the challenge ?
Any bounties to help us to organize, or for winner’s cashprize ?

Me & my team are working on different events (festivals, gigs, hackathon) to promote Musicoin in France for 2018 in french dev, artists, and creative communities, but currently its really hard to find funds to book it…
We’re working hard, but feeling a little bit alone, and we’re not rich…
If you wanna join us, or help to fund, please drop messages,
If you’re poor like us, just give some vibes, we’ll like dat too!

Our team is organized as a cooperative & innovative company called Samouraï Coop, and proudly mining Musicoin !

Cheers & Greatings to all community from Paris,
zôÖma - CEO @ Samouraï Coop
[www.samourai.coop](url du lien)

ps: we not got an official eSport team, do you think its a good idea to put Musicoin Logo on their sweatshirts for lan competitions ?

hey @Samouraï-Coop Thanks for the initiative! Im not a dev or musicians but I think you should directly reach out to the french ambassador I beleive they have funds for that kind of event… @pamelahute and kragfalgass I think… (go on discord or the french facebook page to reach out to the last one ==>https://www.facebook.com/groups/musicoinfrance/)

She interveened during a french conference coupl of days ago https://www.dailymotion.com/video/k6Pb6XArckXVfEqgAlb

Yes @Thibault-Shagersword we’re already linked and working with them! 🙂
They’re linked to our crew, but they can’t decide alone of support & bounties funds for events!


Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

@pamelahute Yes, we will 😉


I really want to participate, but sadly I’m too far from the France.
Some software like Desktop Wallet is under bounty program.
You could find bounties here https://github.com/Musicoin/desktop/issues
Also team constantly looking for the new developers.

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