Windows desktop wallet sync problem.

Hi, i’m running Musicoin Windows Desktop Wallet V 1.01 and my wallet isn’t syncronising properly.

I’ve been deleting Chaindata and ETHash folder to redownlaod the blockchain properly.

The wallet correctly find peers and starts to syncronise, telling me at this time that there was around 2,500,000 blocks to update.
Suddenly when sync was about 82%, the numbers of blocks the wallet had to sync changed for 2,332,402.

Now sync is complete, but wallet is not showing the good amount of Musicoin i hold. Musicoin Block Explorer shows 48259 Musicoin, the good amount, meanwhile Musicoin windows desktop wallet show and old amount of earlier this month 46,5k Musicoin.

Usually deleting thoose two folders (Chaindata and ETHash) located in the …/Appdata/Raoming/Musicoin/gmc does the trick, but now it doesn’t work anymore.

Any idea would be very appreciated.

Probably it is not fully synchronised. Wait a bit more 🙂

Thanks for your answer.
Actually you could have been waiting for ever it would not work better.

I had to fully delete all the files related to musicoin wallet everywhere the wallet went, and then runing it again without any imported account.

Then i waited for it to sync, and when sync seemed complete, i’ve been importing my backup file.

Now everything works fine till next time.

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