Ubisoft is organizing a blockain event

Just came across this awesome news from Ubisoft (who I used to work for) - http://blockchainheroes-ubisoft.com/en/home/

I think this is a terrific occasion to help indi video games gets more revenue from video games music. That is something pascal guyon is working on with a project of his own.

It could be also a new way of getting recognition and spread the love on the whole project.

Musicoin team, what do you think?

Awesome 🙂 So many companies are venturing into blockchain now which is great. Lets get this to go mainstream. As far as getting more revenue I would say it is always great


@Thibault-Shagersword Very nice it would be an incredible positive evolution that would also solve a big problem of international copyrights with games.

I think so too. But I’m not part of the team and I can’t make the decision for them.

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