Congrats to the dev team + let's add here our improvements suggestions :-)

First, I’d like to express deep thanks and congratulations to the dev team for the new Musicoin website frontend! I feel that as artists / listeners / ambassadors, especially when we know littke or nothing about coding, we’re as quick as lightning (not referring to Bitcoin, haha) in writing claims and insatisfactions, and sometimes plainly silent when it comes to celebrate the (mainly volunteer) work already done 🙂 This new frontpage is flashy, by far better organized and more attractive than the previous one!

I open this thread to invite all Musicoin community members to add here their improvements suggestions and correction petitions, in a constructive and fraternal perspective.

After all we’re here to help each other 🙂


We have to wait for full deployment to see it in full first, but i agree so far i like it . maybe there should be a message in every page saying that the new site is being upload and tested for bugs so simple users don’t get confused thinking that the site doesn’t work…


Fully agreed @asterios-papastamatakis! But this precaution is a side aspect - worth mentionning, whilst it doesn’t hide the devs main achievements.

Sometimes I get the impression we look at the informatic dev and efforts almost the opposite way we consider the artists work…

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