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Guys we appreciate everything you are doing with the new site and app and wish you so much luck with it all but this last week or two has been a right mess and I fear if it continues you will loose a lot of credibility.

The recent release of Choon has took some of the focus away from Musicoin and I am glad you are using this opportunity to to get things sorted and resolved for the upcoming new site etc but us long term supporters are having problems with lots of things pointing people to the mobile embeded players just does not work plus alot of other issues with the players not playing autostarting and other stuff is really killing things for listeners and even artists as most of us keep getting logged out and cannot get back on site to add more uploads give praise or comments to our supporters etc etc.

I hope this makes sense and do not wish to put any blocks in the way of the upcoming awesome stuff but an idea can we not have a beta testing section so we can choose if we want to beta test the new site forum app etc instead of it all happening on the main site causeing all these problems.

Cheers and kind regards,
Kirk aka DarkStorm

Good suggestion. Spllitting it would be nice, just wonder how much work that would be for the dev team.

I think they should of maybe thought about that before disrupting the whole system I doubt it would be much work either I doubt I am the only one who is annoyed with what is happening but not many people have the kahunas to speak up.

Hopefully they are very near completion so this won’t even matter once live maybe for future updates could be an option.

Good luck to the team though great work I like the way things are progressing and wish it all the best of luck but thought it would be a good idea to chime in just incase.

Thanks everyone 🙂

Yeah! It should be a short journey though. Plus it is part of this amazing journey, nothing is perfect when it is created. The world would be so boring if that was the case haha. Now we can see it improve every single day while enjoying the benefits it already has to offer today. Enjoy the ride and the small bumps the road might have to offer 😄


now its out so lets wait till everything is uploaded and we gonna help the team with addressing any bugs we find… now at least we can suggest them for the mobile app to allow us to beta test it before they get it out


hour by the hour things are working better… pressing play on a song works faster for me than before…

Awesome news keep up the great job dev team but dont burn yaselves out u hear 😛

And many thanks for stabilising everything we need a dev tip section to tip you guys but you already done so much hehe 😉

Yeaah stability is key 🙂 Just out curiousity what are you guys missing most on the site right now?

The embedded player and trying to get listeners via social media and stuff especially on mobile devices.

The songs have stopped auto playing from the embedded player so we cannot make custom playlists for anything anymore.

And pointing users to our songs from instagram facebook vero etc just ends up with no sound so they loose interest and will not bother to even look at your song the next time as it’s to much hassle trying to get it to play.



Issues on mobile devices are not new. The mobile app will solve that.
Please have patience ☺

Thankyou I have lots of patience and really like which direction Musicoin is pointing not sure my listeners do though as I doubt they will want to install a mobile player and I think I have lost alot of listeners already from the previous problems.

If we can also get the site mobile friendly more then people will be happy to fast click to autoplay as todays mentally of internet users only like things now by sight and quickly move on to the next exciting picture so its very hard to get them to listen or watch something in the first place. I blame insta and snapchat for this and fear I have already lost a lot of potential listeners from the beta phase as I cannot even get my family to listen on mobile as it is just too much hassle for them then again if they have to sign up to listen or fire up the home computer to get it to work.

I am really trying not to be negative here but you guys need to keep these things in mind you could offer people 1000 musicoin to listen but if its takes more than a few seconds to work the majority of people wont even bother.

I hope these issues are addressed soon and have a lot of respect for the whole team especially the devs who go a little unnoticed piecing everything together but the last week or two has even stopped me using musicoin alot and I am a big supporter and also a fairly big miner but the hassle of the player not starting then going blank and having to wait at least 30 seconds and then this happens again one of the main problems is the recent chrome update but still messing around getting logged out every few seconds even on the forum can test the patience of anyone.

No more bad vibes though lets hope all these teething problems have already been addressed and very close to completion so we can come back and enjoy this marvellous platform have a great weekend everyone and I hope this has shed a little light on how us listeners and musicians/producers are feeling at present as I am sure I am not the only one just one of the few who will speak up 🙂


Past days weren’t so user-friendly due to technical difficulties arose from site updates.
The issues are addressed and devs are working their best to create and improve user-friendly environment. ☺


Yes as we say here in Musicoin planet.

If you want to see Musicoin to the moon, create your best song ever.
Programmers are musicians too.
The moon is on your finger

Respect for all the work behind and thanks a lot

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Hello @volareo “talking head”, hehe. Taking seriously @DeeJay-DarkStorm’s proposal: could each dev create his/her Musicoin profile, for us to be able to tip their work? (and to weave a direct relation too 🙂 )


Helloooo @musicoin-italia and @lorenzo-pistolesi 🙂 Speaking about a “best song ever”, this Italian track is one of my Musicoin favourites:

It’d be greeeat to promote that band 🙂

@ijatz-guatemala That is actually an amazing idea in my opinion, By the way you can call me Tom haha… Even though I run this account we are all still humans 😛

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