New option "Release" needs explanation

I see there is a new option on the top right drop down menu “Release”. Could you add a “i” with a popup explaining what this is please. 0_1526363615800_Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 06.51.05.png

Agree it could be a bit vague when you first see it. The button itself is a very logical one though when you do click it 🙂 Just to release more songs

Haha, thanks for explaining. I was afraid to click it! I didn’t want to risk it releasing all my musicoins lol.


I must admit I thought it was something to do with releasing the MC as it is very near it.

I think people are more used to the word “upload” or even better use the upload icon that used to be there as it’s universal.


Yeah, definitely needs upload icon at least ☺

@juxta @zeljko-stanojkovski That is a good idea!

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