I nominate these tracks of mine for Metal/Sub-Genre track of the week.

  1. Flynn LeBlanc Union - Final Call

  2. Flynn LeBlanc Union - The Killing Time

  3. Flynn LeBlanc Union - Little Planet

  4. Flynn LeBlanc Union - Gothic Window

Thank you


unfortunately we don’t have any new tracks composed in the last months but i try to post tracks taken from our albums, hope you can accept them anyway, otherwise i understand.

"Art of Darkness"

"Slaughterhouse, obituaries and a love story"

"She’s got a knife"


"Mind control"

"Dead gurlz"

Hi there! I’m Juan Hoyos, the guy behind Seven Epigonus and here you have my entries 🙂

  1. Seven Epigonus | The Fifth

  2. Seven Epigonus | Velkommen

  3. Seven Epigonus | Finale

The Fifth is my most recent release! I hope you enjoy the 3 songs.

Cheers people and thank you so much!

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Must say there are some real great songs in here. It is amazing to see all the different music genres flourishing on this platform. It is so important to have a diverse set of tunes to listen to

Here’s our tune. Six Feet Under is the 2nd studio track from the brazilian rock band L.S.B. Hope u enjoy it!!

alt text

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@greg-mccann DOH! I realized that my track was under one minute so I took it down and reuploaded a new version at precisely 1 minute. Please disregard that first link (can’t edit it apparently), here’s the new version:
Guess I’m going through a “beta stage” myself.

Dear all. Here is our first “hand-crafted” song that we record in our own studio
Metalcore from Spain. The language of the song is Galicia, regional language of this country.



@zeljko-stanojkovski Here is our submission in this catagory, it was written in 2006 but only became a ‘band song’ in 2015

This track is a metalstep track, I’m not sure it’s a good idea mixing dub + numetal styles :D:D!!!


Hi, here is my entry for the contest, a 80’s style Thrash Metal song from my project band Perpetratör.

0_1526831771514_Perpetratör CAPA.jpg

Hey guys, Im not really entering although thats down to the judges. Usually I make techno music and stuff on that electronic genre… Using some power chord samples and some guitar VSTs this popped out after a few days… its got a metal vibe to it i think, lots of big sounding guitars and sounding like a bastard child of rock and hip hop? enjoy

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Congrats to our winner @Seven-Epigonus 🎸
Thanks everyone for your submissions ☺

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