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The Havey's Highlights Podcast returns and this time, it's only on Musicoin! I asked each artist for permission to use their tracks and they agreed so make sure you show your support to them!

Thanks to all the artists who sent me a message and got in contact about it. Due to the nature of the podcast being only 30 minutes, it's hard to choose just 7 tracks but we got there!

Show your support to the artists and don't forget to share! Each time you play this podcast, the artists will get paid straight away!

Here is the mix:


00:00 - 05:25
JonJon - Inside My Soul

05:25 - 09:22
JonJon - Clatsop

09:22 - 13:42
DaveyHub - Ghost In The Piano

13:42 - 18:23
U-Wood - It's Just The Way

18:23 - 20:54
Nicky Havey - 3 Peaks

20:54 - 24:07
Bronski - New Year Old Choon

24:07 - End
JonJon - Telo