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Hello to everybody i want to lay out my idea for the use of the forum…
as you all see the forum appearance improved lately, most of the people i got the feeling liked it and some didn’t but not everybody can be happy in this life… 🙂 anyway the way i see musicoin is that it works for me in 2 levels.

level 1 is the platform that we upload our music -

level 2 is the forum that we communicate with others share our music ask questions and even in this one year that musicoin is still infant always youll find answers because somebody will assist you and give you an answer on almost anything you ask. ( and many more things and functions that are available for you to use them as ‘‘tools’’ )

So for me… musicoin can be the new ‘‘facebook’’ for musicians and music…

and why?

1.the platform on where we upload our music for me is like the profile page in facebook where we upload ‘‘post’’ anything from events ,photos of ours pets etc and basically music is lost between 100s of other un-useful information…
but on the musicoin platform you’re focused on the music… and + in the future if videos are incorporated you’ll have double exposure you’ll not need youtube and you’ll have everything in one place …
and on top of that if the system allows non registered people to find your profile in google search maybe it would be a good ‘‘bait’’ for them to register to listen to your music and interact more as this happens with facebook… so that i think is one way to attract listeners too…

2.the forum on the other hand its like the ‘‘home’’ page in facebook that you see what other people post and you can share - comment do everything basically that you do in facebook… i know in the future the forum will always be updated and change shapes and always try to get as much as it can get ‘‘user friendly’’ and it is normal if you think and remember how many times facebook changed from the beginning …
in the forum you have the ability to do exactly whatever you do in facebook like follow people and it can be better in the future if you can have notifications from your followers etc…

in the bottom line… we have a big opportunity here if we support and have patience… musicoin can be what myspace couldn’t do back in the days , the last 10 years we (musicians) turned to facebook not have an alternative … i found facebook from my girlfriend back in the days and i was making a joke of her of that poking thing she use to do with her friends and after 10 years when i go to book a gig the club owner asks if i made an event on facebook and how many people will come… this is bullshit for me… Zundenberg makes money from us cause we dont have an alternative… but guys we have… and its free …

i think i made my point… tell me what you think… 🙂


i dont care about the musicoin price and you shouldn’t … wait till for example there will be 100.000 registered mucisians… pr guys and companies will hit hard on isaac and why? because they will start loosing the ‘‘pie’’ and they eat from it they survive from it … its time for us to start keeping the pie for us… and get rid of the parasites…


Bravo @Asterios-Papastamatakis ! Good Post, 💯
I totally agree with what you say and that’s what we think also in detail,
“it can replace my space in its infancy, and facebook, twitter… but a thousand times better.”

not many people have really seen and understood this like this for this time,
Because the forum may seem a little archaic for some people, but the number of potential between the forum and the site where we post our music merged together is huge. ☺

LOVE ♥ 🌹

some good points
for me its about a platform where you can get those that love your music to listen to you and you get to hear some great indie musicains, at this stage it works great on a computor and in time when its available via mobile but you are right about facebook i like the way you can get a comment on your song its only early stages and we only started a few years ago so have no idea about myspace but i can tell it was used years ago and the forum is a great place to discuss benifits for all


@ixiisis 🙂 🙂 🙂 thats why whenever i can i always mention and suggest that it should be a clear way or ‘‘buttons’’ both on musicoin platform and the forum that you can go from one to the other and vise-versa effortlessly like it is on facebook…


@Asterios-Papastamatakis I completely share your vision. I’ve been constantly directing musicians to the forum, not only to have answers to their questions, but to find a place whre they can shere their work and interact with the community!
Cheers! 🎹


also guys i always suggest and encourage people to fill their information on the forum like upload pics on avatar and everything like they do on the musicoin platform… its better to see pics that letters for users… maybe it can be fixed by the system when somebody uploads an avatar pic on musicoin to automatically be the same in the forum… its looks better and professional… @Zeljko-Stanojkovski


Yes @Asterios-Papastamatakis perfect!!! lets go that way.

Excellent point totally agree.


Yeeees @asterios-papastamatakis, we’re on the same track! ✌

A couple elements I’d like to add:

  • What about beginning to use routinely a motto like:, the musicians and music lovers Facebook” 🙂

I guess the devs would have their say on this suggestion ✍

  • Regarding the forum and the audio platform merge: I also fully support it, it’d be a huge added value for the ecosystem! My only doubt has to do with their underlying code: I confess I haven’t looked for a confirmation on GitHub for instance, but since the Forum has been launched I’ve had the firm impression it’s an “off-chain” development of, i.e. all the actions we undertake here (publishing texts, following users,…) are registered in a somehow centralized server (the way all non blockchain websites are), whereas our audio tracks and the comments we leave on our main profile are registered on-chain, directly among the hundred thousands transactions the Musicoin blockchain processes daily.

If it were the case, it’d allow us understanging easier why the merge we all yearn for is a more intricate move that what we could imagine ☺

Here too I guess one of the devs will confirm or discard my assumption.


I often see your response.
You always say opinions and suggestions about the point, subjectively, objectively, and calmly, in any way. It’s wonderful.


also guys just to round up my thoughts… we have gold in our hands… we have 3 in 1 —> Platform/Forum/Wallet … that means in the future also if you can send money from the wallet to your bank/paypal/credit card/bitcoin cash machine etc (and of coarse market platforms like cryptopia and bittrex that you already can) you’ll have everything in one place… i personally think that the musicoin wallet is the safest place to have your coins cause you can backup your account and have your backup in a safe place and at least don’t worry about maintenance or loosing access to your account in cryptopia or bittrex…

Hmm great insights 🙂 A little competition for the mother of all past time doesn’t hurt. Heck, it be great if we can get more people to make the switch. IT all starts with supporting each other. The ones who give get the returns

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