Login problems with FF & Chrome

I could not login into my profiles, since yesterday. Firefox and Chrome didnt load the Sign in page., Just an empty page insted (url is just …welcome)
It worked on Edge.
As i copied the direct link:
I could link into Firefox


@MJMoonbow-aka-Tinman Devs are working on the site, so we may experience some issue here and there at some moments.
But we should be able to log in. How about now ? ☺

@Zeljko-Stanojkovski i still cant login. Its both on forum login and website login, if i choose “already have an account” the page stays blank. Same on the forum login.
If i use the link i posted i can do twitter login


Hey @MJMoonbow-aka-Tinman can you just click “Sign Up with Google” or similar? It should log you in just fine.


And yes, a site overhaul is due, but that shouldn’t affect the forum too much.

@vg i just dont get the page with the different login possibilities…i get an empty page… only on MS Edge the page with the login comes up


@MJMoonbow-aka-Tinman How about trying with chrome and try “sign up” instead of “log in” ? You should be able to access your account after choosing Twitter there. ☺

Ah yes i tried that, but the page gets blocked.
I can login from www.musicoin.org. Upper right login button work

https://musicoin.org/nav/welcome (from this site i cant login)

I opened a second account by trying to log via Google…


@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman Well, only Twitter is currently connected to your Musicoin profile so that’s the only log in option you have right now. No worries regarding the second account. ☺

@zeljko-stanojkovski Just wanted to ask if you are also aware of the forum log in issue you can now only log in if its an email only account and the verification email is not being sent out. If you could please look into this as a few people I know are having lots of problems trying to get on to post and reply but now have multiple accounts that they still cannot log in with thanks 🙂


@deejay-darkstorm Yes, there are issues with auto login. It works now ☺

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