Link a Facebook page to the profile.

Hey Musicoiners,
I was just thinking again, I do that every once in a while…!
I believe I’ve already mentioned this somewhere, I think it was in a reply to another post I read yesterday. Why can’t we link a facebook artist page to a profile? that would be much more beneficial to the verification process than a normal personal profile, being as facebook doesn’t allow a normal personal profile to be used as an Artist page.

Absolutely need this, especially for those of us who have an administrator for the social media pages. The administrator doesn’t always have a personal profile that has to do with the artist. We think this would be a massive help, Also it would give more detailed information to the admin at musicoin for verification purposes.

I agree! I want to interact with listeners via my page and Facebook group - I want to reserve my Facebook page for ‘less public’ interaction.

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