Warning for some artists

I know that there are copies of others drawn on jacket art without permission without permission.
Even if it is sold, even if it is not sold we are publishing music and it is a professional.
Let’s change our hearts from now on if you know what you think.

I’m sorry for my bad English.

But this is a warning.


@toyo I do not understand


@niuquin Illustrations that do not have permission of the author are sometimes used for music jacket illustration. I am talking about that.

I am sorry that my English is not good.XD

I guess you mean the coverart… and of course you need the copyrights of it. Just the same as with music.

Yeah you should have the licenses for coverart at all times 🙂 Just like music it is art and thus its creator should be respected.

i do not understand what you mean , your post does not make any sense in english

yeah good call about cover art , i always use non copyrighted images just random non specific , non traceable stuff , make sure you do the same chaps and chapesses !✌


That’s it! cover art.
The recognition of my proper noun was different.
Everyone, thank you for supporting me.
I will learn English little by little.

Thanks all. XD


Hello @toyo, and nice to Musicoin you! 🙂 Don’t bother, yourEnglish dominion is quite good, particularly if we take into account your mother tongue is based on totally different roots than the Indoeuropean ones 😉

Regarding the issue you raise, my question would be: what’s the most appropriate way to deal with those unadequate (i.e. illegal) coverart uses?

Should the forum administrators open a specific section about it, through which the Musicoiners Community (us 🙂 )would check any copyright infringement claim (I guess you already have spotted a couple cases…)? Or any claim has to be sent to a Musicoin platform legal issues email?

@toyo Good point! And we are here all to help and understand each other. Language is hard but I understand what you mean.


@Ijatz-Guatemala You can report abuse directly in the song profile!!! music or image copyright abuse. Thanks

re: @Toyo #convo - In the same way that you should own the master recording of your upload or have a license for replication of the master, and own or have a license to the underlying composition, you should also own, and or, have a license to the album art work, if you do not own it.


@ijatz-guatemala Hello 🙂
Considering that there are musicians with low perceptions of copyright,
Attention statement on images, illustrations etc. used for cover art
I think that should be stated on the cover art upload page.
In “Track details” at the time of registration. https://musicoin.org/nav/release-manager

As a result, musicians with low perceptions of copyright will recognize the importance of copyright of cover art and illustrations.

In addition, it may be necessary to describe the sentences that musicians can learn about copyright in places where they are easy to find.

@toyo You make an excellent point, Cover art represents the artist and the song and is also covered by copyright etc. and it is illegal to use any form of artwork without the owners permission.There are many sites that offer excellent photos and vector images that are free to use for commercial and personal use. All you have to do is search for them.

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