Where are my soul/R&B/ and Jazz listeners!!??😀

I’m an avid fan of most music but I have a specific affinity for Soul music fused with r&b & jazz!!! Im a vocalist/trumpeter and when I hear the esoteric rhythms of the aforementioned I often go into a frenzy when I’m really FEELING IT!!! PeAce

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I share the same feeling! Nice to have you here! 🙂

Thank u much!!

Great 🙂 Happy to have you here.
Love to hear about your excitement


soul funk r&b and jazz is soul fuel … ✌

I’m a funky dude myself and nice to see that we are a few in here.

If you got the time and want to help a funksoulbrother out - please vote for my FUNK YOU UP in this weeks song of the week contest.


Hello my funky peeps! My band has been selected for the Artist of the week contest. Pleas help a soul-funk brother out (yep…I am Kahsay) and give your vote for the funkiest band this week. SAY What Sthlm is the band I’m singing in.

Vote here: https://forum.musicoin.org/topic/8816/vote-for-artist-of-the-week-week-19

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