My Profile's been HIJACKED & Account has dissapeared and been replaced

HELP! My Musicoin account has dissapeared! My plays are still getting played but when i log in to it goes to a listener account called IXIISIS. My whole profile etc has dissapeared and I have a page with no profile or music on it. How do I contact the powers that be?
This means everyone playing Indus Rush music is paying some hacker with $music.alt text

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that is not good i have been enjoying your music that profile is in the forum i am sure it must be a glitch but its still not good hope you work it out soon

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Sure, My profile is still there if you open as a listener, but I can’t log in to my own profile. I’m getting this other dodgy profile with no music uploaded and no MC. alt text

I just went onto musicion i cannot find you but i know we are following you


@Indus-Rush Hi there ☺ Your profile is there and I can see it and play your Music.
Just log out and then log in with your Twitter or Google.

Lol excuse me, but im laughing… what you see is the artist of the week. To get to your profile you have to click on the upper right corner to get to your private profile page.

@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman Yes, I see that, but it won’t let me back to my account from top corner. I have now found myself again in another browser. S hopefully I’m back. I was panicking there for a moment…!

Ah ok 🙂 you could try to clean your browser cache

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