Rewarding curation on the Musicoin platform (embodying sharism :-) )

Loved your idea @Ijatz-Guatemala ! This is a wonderful contribution for Musicoin. Thank you!


We are thinking to have a “Sharism” curation function to be embedded in the new web/mobile applications to reward passionate curators. Let’s invite product design manager @Cxxxv-Opera to make sure it’s well considered.

Hello, 🙂 I’m glad that kind of idea please everyone because this is exactly the kind of things we manage to plan for musicoin in the future. 👷
Your idea is truly marvelous of kindness and I sincerely thank you for sharing it here. 🙏

It’s also not a coincidence that yesterday I was just beginning to explain to @niuQuin & @Isaac-Mao my vision for artists’ “sharism exposure” on musicoin, totally fair and much more open to what we currently have.

I agree, like you say just to never see again this type of dramatical history happen and put all the artists equal on the platform.

I thought precisely of a process that is just a simple idea for have the goal you talk here but in a slightly different way, to achieve the same result.

I can explain here more precisely all the basics.
my idea is precisely not based musicoin algorithm on issues of numbers, but rather on a question of Quantic Random / Related / Results | which I baptized Q-RRR

  • The counter-critic argument will be to say that : the random does not exist and that everything has a meaning in universe and we are active psychic actor of physics results proven by quantum physics and in absolute way Nowadays. So this algorithm will be thinked for have random “Quantic” results at each refresh of pages for the users have music universe sync for them in space-time. ((you may think it may sound a bit crazy, but I’m sure it will work even at the communication level if we make it futuristic 👨‍🚀 👨‍🔬 .) lol)

  • With also music or artist tag relationship "Related song"
    here too with Q-RRR features but more related (this also to limit the behavior of “sheep users” that we can all have of coming to see only those who are at the top, which greatly limits the discovery and also this to limit the desire to cheat with bot’s or tricks to get to the top which makes obselete classification for a long time on the internet or in any case of limited this display only to some page as a dedicated spotlight artists page on the website

  • On the other hand i have a idea that I called X1 on my prototype PDF for now regarding the player.
    For totally annihilate the sheep behavior and maybe applicable at all Musicoin, i think it’s the most innovative & powerfull because it solves this problem very smoothly and in a funny way and adding fun to click somewhere on icons on musicoin, with this all actions make sense.
    The idea in brief it is to illuminate the icons (in a player type soundcloud) and show the numbers once the action done by the user and not before as seen everywhere on internet. Once the action made for example on the player mean: the user must play the music at least once to see the number of plays, to do a tip for see the numbers of tip’s, likes, shares, etc…
  • Also the creation of spotlight pages and price with send of Gift by musicoin for the songs with the most tip’s and the most Played example: 10k 100k 1M plays award. (@niuQuin is working now on design with Team-design to do this)
  • in the same time why not a presentation of a random artist mixed with the winners.

Do you think our ideas are going in the same direction?
even if it takes a little different ways ☯

@Ijatz-Guatemala So Can you come on slack and join me on PM so that I show you how to add your ideas in future and worked it together on the document dedicated to laboratory of ideas, I have planned for this purpose for idea sharing. it will be nice to continue to develop this idea together, and with the all team member want.

i hope all is understandable for you and not to rude to read. lol
😊 . if you don’t understand something don’t hesitate to connect me for any questions or for have informations about product management and overall designs on musicoin.
have a nice day all.

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Yes!! we changed for 100k Silver 500k Gold 1M Cryptony (Plays)


Heellooo @cxxxv-opera, @Isaac-Mao, @niuQuin, @Why-Monkey , @Volareo , @Zeljko-Stanojkovski, @Soundphaser , @musicoin-Italia and all the other Musecosystem sowers!

Thanks to all of you for your contributions!! It’s a dream come alive, to share ideas in such a drama-proof and trusted community 🙂

@Cxxxv-Opera Of course, I’m eager to join the Ideas Laboratory! I PM you on Thursday, when I’ll have returned to my “civil duties” (I’m currently busy with my 1 year old son, and a soon to be born girl 😉 ). Par ailleurs, je suppute que tu es, tout comme moi, francophone de langue maternelle (et paternelle, haha), ce qui devrait avoir le mérite de maximiser la clarté de nos échanges.

Your X1 proposal is a real bomb, a genius strike! 😛

The Q-RRR algorithm seems to be very intellectually attractive too.

Some dimensions I’d be keen on following would be:

  • if - and how - the Q-RRR preserves the users ability to curate the artists songs (curating is, for many people, the main reason for why they listen to music online, instead of on their local devices);

  • if Proof of Sharism could be implemented gradually, one piece / gear after another, to avoid “jumping collectively into the unknown” in an overnight shift;

  • what will be the role / status of the Musicoin miners, in that new configuration;

  • and if the PoSh modalities could be endorsed by a Musicoiners vote (for instance a vote where the Musicoin artists would weigh 2 points, and the listeners 1 point).

Looking forward to Sharism with you!

@ijatz-guatemala said in Rewarding curation on the Musicoin platform (embodying sharism 🙂 ):

avoiding to throw into an abysmal oblivion pit


This is a well thought out and powerful idea to enhance the connection between artist and listener, as well as to give new life to long-ago released tracks! Consider my comments/tweaks on your points:

First, regarding the “feature aims” I think your ideas are helpful especially for two of your listed goals, 2: enhancing artist/listener interaction and, 3: (improving “follower status”). I do also appreciate the attempt to achieve goal 1: resurfacing/resurrecting the forgotten tracks that have been buried over time and should be given some daylight (although I do love how you dramatically describe it as “avoiding to throw into an abysmal oblivion pit the artists… who released their songs… 12 months ago”) 😎 .

Regarding goal 1, however, I think that instead, there could be a weekly “Hidden Gems” feature that highlights the older, less played tracks, perhaps popping up on listeners screen because they fit the user’s favored type of music. This way, the lesser played, but quality songs would have a chance again, targeted at listeners who might enjoy them. Of course, the method to decide which “Hidden Gems” get highlighted would have to be decided. I propose that artists are allowed to submit one hidden gem from their own tracks per month, a song that they released 6-12 months ago that isn’t a top-played track, for example. The songs submitted get in a regular rotation of “hidden gems”, whatever that feature/list becomes in the app/website.

Doing that would remove the need in your curated tracks idea for the requisite “a) it has been released on Musicoin for at least 6 months”. I like your curated tracks idea a lot and don’t want there to be a time restriction such as that - it might stifle the curation from actually acted upon by listeners.

Also, regarding c) “writes a paragraph +/- 50 words” I agree there should be some kind of quality description as part of their selection, but we need to remember that the majority of listener growth will be through the mobile app, and requiring lots of words, might stifle the use of this feature. Perhaps we could incorporate some emoji choices, plus the option to add text, and suggest some context such as “How does it make you feel?” or a selection of emotional words to add to the curation description - making it easy to select that content on the mobile app.

Overall Ijatz I like this idea a lot and am glad to see support for it in the comments, including from the other ambassadors, admins, Volareo, and Isaac Mao! 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏


Great proposition for the gem rewarding for good quality old song.thanks a lot

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