Rewarding curation on the Musicoin platform (embodying sharism :-) )

Dear fellow Musicoiners, and Musicoin devs :-), the herebelow feature suggestion aims at:

  1. avoiding to throw into an abysmal oblivion pit the artists who were early Musicoin adopters and who released their songs 8, 9, sometimes already 12 months ago, during the first Musicoin lifecycle (i.e. before the UBI too and the added ease it has represented for anybody to listen to more newly posted tracks);
  2. enhancing and dynamizing the interactions woven between artists and "mere listeners", giving one more tool to the latter in promoting the compositions of the former ;
  3. add more value to the « follower » status.

It could work as follows :

  • Any user will have the right to curate 5 Musicoin tracks (from different artists) each month. By clicking on the corresponding button, he’ll make each of those songs pop up in a specific « curated tracks » column (playlist), on his/her Musicoin’s followers opening page (the same way we see till now the « New releases », « New artists », « Top tipped », etc. columns) ;

  • The requisites for a track to be curated are :
    a) It has been released on Musicoin for at least 6 months ;
    b) It hasn’t reached the threshold of 200 (two hundred) plays ;
    c) Besides (and before) clicking to promote the song, the curator writes a paragraph (+/- 50 words) about why he/she considers that composition to be worth sharing (its originalities, strenghts and weaknesses, eventual sources of inspiration, etc.) – this parameter should allow the curation process to be an enriching one for the Community, even in the conceptual and emotional fields (and to go beyond the usual « great song buddy ! » ;-p) ;

  • At the « other end » of the mechanism, the curated artist also sees his/her song showing up in a « curated tracks » column – but this time listing his/her songs only 🙂 (you’ll notice it wouldn’t be necessary for a user to follow an artist before curating one of his/her songs, although the curation act itself probably will trigger such a following/friendship relation :-).

It’ll then be up to the artist to decide if he « tips » the curator, and for which MC amount (it could be, for instance, 20% of the estimated plays (and MC) that the increased visibility and « refresh » offered by the curation will have brought to his/her song).

Waiting to read your adds-on, adjustements proposals, critics, etc. 🙂

last edited by Ijatz Guatemala

Wonderful suggestion. I just don't get the threshold of 200 plays. Won't this mean tracks with over 200 plays are doomed to the abysmal oblivion?

Cool idea. The follower status is ripe for improvement.


Loved your idea @Ijatz-Guatemala ! This is a wonderful contribution for Musicoin. Thank you!

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