Neon Insect - I think I should say hello at least

Hello! ^^

So…I’m really not a fan of writing about myself and it’s giving me a hard time. But let’s try anyways.
Before I start though: You’re better off just listening to what I do, so here is my musicoin profile. I’m currently uploading some older stuff, so quality may vary - there were times I didn’t exactly know what I was doing^^

About me:

My name is Nils, 30 years old. I’ve spend the past years composing for video games, doing sound design and implementing all that stuff as well. Right now working on my 3rd title in charge, which will most likely be the last, because - well music is just where my heart is at and I would like to spend more time on that, than on coding or things like that.

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About my music

However…we’re here for the music…so, what do I do? Honestly…for myself that’s not easy to describe. Whatever I like. Sometimes that’s orchestral stuff, sometimes I just like to hammer the strings on the guitar and I have a huge passion for sound synthesis and experimenting with whatever sounds. Overall…Identiy crisis confired 😵
My roots though, are in the realm of classical music (played trumpet as a youngling) and in the industrial genre (yeah, I used to be a goth…still am I guess).

My last release was a Soundtrack to a game called Abatron, which is a gritty, industrial heavy soundtrack. My next release “Glitches” will be the first album release not linked to any other project since 2008. It will be out in February and will also include a track with danish dark electro pioneer Leaether Strip. And I will even use my voice for once.

alt text

So yeah…that’s what I have to say about myself . Humble guy, love music, love the community.

So…hello 🙂

Stuff I’ve found here

This might be a cool idea. It’s the first time I really had the feeling of supporting some music. Here are a few of my recommendations

@Soundphaser - I really love his piano play in combination with some hip hop beats.
@juxta - A mixed bag for me, but to me his stuff really shines, when he’s going heavy and all out
@Amphlux - The guy has some serious talent. like his voice and the industrial tunes he does
CMH - right up my ally. nice and dark electronic tunes.
@Elephant-State - Very good electronic stuff! Can recommend for drinking and dancing.
@Rhonda-Huete - This is some cool indie rock. Kinda reminds me a bit to REM. And I like REM a lot.
@LaFlamme Poker-Punk! You just want to have whiskey and some cards while listening their stuff.

I’ll add more to this list - on a run right now

My favorite twitter account to follow:

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Well hello and nice to meet you @Neon-Insect . I’m honored to be on your found list. Thank you very much for that. Whish you a pleaseant ride on this project. You sure are a talented fellow!
Much success!

@soundphaser You’re most welcome! Thank you so much for all your tweets again! Those made my day! 🙂

Magical stuff, nice to put a face to the name and nice to know you.

@iced-note-music Oh thank you 🙂 Glad you like it. Elephant State is at your label, right? They definetly belong into my list as well. Just had to hurry when I set that up xD - I had their first track here running during my New Year’s Eve party.

Hello I love your sound tracks, I am from Turkey and I believe music is universial. Thanks for musicoin team,because they are make us be happy, together

@neon-insect Wow that’s fantastic, the label isn’t mine I just work for them as Social Media and Distribution manager. I’m Remo, as you can see I’m all over the place hahahah I keep myself busy. I’ll let the guys know, I am also their personal Social Media manager and graphic designer I do all of their Design work, cover art and photography and do all their videos for them. So I am an integral part of the project. The voice over on their track “Where is There” is mine. I do a lot of work for the guys, mainly because they don’t speak English. So I speak to them on a regular basis.

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@musasimsek6 Oooh, thank you for your wonderful comment! Music and sound is a universal language, we all understand! Greetings and much love to Turkey.

@Iced-Note-Music It’s great you’re doing this for your guys! You sound like the A&R every artist deserve, but just a few are lucky enough to have! Keep up the great work.

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@neon-insect I wish I could do it for more people but I just don’t have the time and I do need to work just the same to earn a living and pay the rent. But I do it most of the work I do for musicians and the label for free. I also blog about emerging artists and I started a vlog on You tube TheRockBoxTv but had to put that aside for a while because I am so tied up with the label and Elephant State at the moment. I am passionate about listening to new music and emerging artists and I listen to all genres of music.

@iced-note-music Yeah, I can imagine 🙂 If you’re interested, I can send you my upcoming release for preview, if you like to blog (currently on the promotion run). And if you don’t have the time, then you could just take it as a late christmas gift, I don’t mind. Drop me a line if you’re interested.


Thank you. I’m glad my music is a “mixed bag” for you as I am like you, not tied to a particular genre, so no one is going to like everything I do 🙂

Been enjoying your music and looking forward to more!

Shh don’t tell anyone else but you are my favorite artist I’ve found on here @Neon-Insect

Your music is freaking silky to my ears.

@juxta the mixed bags are the ones that surprise the most high five If you’re broad in genre, it just tells alot of how open you are for music yourself. I think that is a remarkable trait as a musician and I appreciate that a lot. We’re the explorers 😉

@Amphlux Guess it’s just a matter of time when we get something done together ❤ Thanks so much for your kindness


@amphlux I heard that! 😛

Heya, gonna keep my eye out for the album. Have collaborated with Claus on a couple of things a some years ago and also remixed a few of his songs. Met him again earlier this year actually, when we played the same festival. Great guy!

Going to check out your music here on Musicion as well.

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@slusk Yeah, that’s where it kinda started. A remix and me asking for a favor in return 🙂 I didn’t expect him to do it, but he pretty much did. That was really great.
I wanted to meet him on the 23rd of december because he was playing in my town. But that didn’t happen due to…well…christmas ^^

If you don’t mind, I’d love to check out what you did with Claus.

Regarding my music…I’m all over the place. Just saying.^^

@neon-insect Fun! I will check it out when it’s released.

Our band Titans did a collaboration track with him almost 9-10 years ago or so. Læther Strip vs Titans - Deadhead. Quite straight forward track. Was included on Yes I’m Limited V.

The two remixes I did for him:

Deadhead track is available on Spotify I think. Couldn’t find it elsewhere. Titans hasn’t released anything for ages.

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