Neon Insect - I think I should say hello at least

Heya, gonna keep my eye out for the album. Have collaborated with Claus on a couple of things a some years ago and also remixed a few of his songs. Met him again earlier this year actually, when we played the same festival. Great guy!

Going to check out your music here on Musicion as well.

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@slusk Yeah, that’s where it kinda started. A remix and me asking for a favor in return 🙂 I didn’t expect him to do it, but he pretty much did. That was really great.
I wanted to meet him on the 23rd of december because he was playing in my town. But that didn’t happen due to…well…christmas ^^

If you don’t mind, I’d love to check out what you did with Claus.

Regarding my music…I’m all over the place. Just saying.^^

@neon-insect Fun! I will check it out when it’s released.

Our band Titans did a collaboration track with him almost 9-10 years ago or so. Læther Strip vs Titans - Deadhead. Quite straight forward track. Was included on Yes I’m Limited V.

The two remixes I did for him:

Deadhead track is available on Spotify I think. Couldn’t find it elsewhere. Titans hasn’t released anything for ages.

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@slusk These are quite some cool tracks! Really enjoyed them. Will have to check out the Deadhead track yet, but will do once I get spotify running (I just don’t like spotify that much^^)

I made this remix:

(a few years later I would have made this track way shorter than it is xD )

That was a time I had the opportunity to work with quite a bunch of bigger names, before I turned my eyes towards soundtrack work and abandoning stage.
It’s actually liberating after so many years to do something into that direction again. Really enjoyed the ride.

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@neon-insect 🙂 after thoroughly enjoying your own tracks a couple of times i will now check out the ones i don´t know so far from your list… 🙂

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@vander-lamp if you haven’t discovered amphlux yet, then it is about time xD

btw. @vANdER-lAMP - I probably will get in touch soon. You and your Cello could be of use for me, if I may ^^

@neon-insect checked out amphlux thoroughly… enjoyed it a lot… and for the cello part… you´re very welcome… 🙂 just be aware that i´m only slowly starting to recover my skills there…

@vander-lamp Don’t worry. It is some time in the future. And I probably don’t need a super skillful melody. I’m just very addicted to the sound of the instrument and currently I have none in reach. So…there might be a lot of room for improvisation from your part 🙂 I let you know, when I’m ready.

I have a new track up from my upcoming album. Would love to hear your thoughts. It’s way different from my usual stuff…like i said…identity crisis xD

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