How to make the most out of Musicoin

Happy to have written this blogpost. It should make things pretty clear for lots of people.


its very simple and very well explained bravo i believe in ‘‘short and simple’’ , soon ill have my steemit account guys , ill follow…

@lorenzo-pistolesi-0 Hmm more contests good 🙂 We might have something coming up too… 😉


This is a great article and is still true 3 months later. In my opinion, musicians are overly concerned about the money aspect at the moment. They should be directing their energy at uploading quality music and shouting about it on social media. I agree with Pascal. I am leaving my coins in my wallet for now. I think the value should increase with the coming of the mobile app and the Volareo speaker. I stress to musicians who are interested that they are on the ground floor of something incredibly cool and new. And it’s always good to catch the wave at its beginning.

So I wonder whether Pascal would give me permission to translate it into Russian. I am also looking for other great articles to do the same. The original authors would of course be credited.

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