Just to introduce you to me. One of my tracks.

Hi Friends, I don’t usually spam for listens, but I thought I’d introduce you to my music by sharing one of my tracks here with you. If any of you out there in musicoin land are followers of Lounge, Chillout, World and Ambient you may like to have a listen and I would appreciate your comments and thoughts. https://musicoin.org/nav/track/0x121895788547e8aa8eeb00cb79e15b5a378ea7e4
Have a wonderful and realxed day.

lovely track. happy to have spent time with it.

@asterios-papastamatakis Thank you Sir, appreciated.

@leaving_richmond Hey thanks, I always appreciate listens and comments.


Great introduction and songs. I am going to return the favour: https://musicoin.org/nav/artist/0x763d60e46900152c7843016846b86ebe40db5ffa

Hope to see you at my place too 🙂

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@Quint-S-Ence Loved it! Thank you for sharing this beautiful music on Musicoin!

@asterios-papastamatakis Thank you from the ❤ much appreciated

@soundphaser Thanks very much, have a great day.

@ali-sobut Hahaha Thanks for returning the favour, Checked out your profile keep up the good work.

@leaving_richmond Thanks Sir, much appreciate your listen. Just listening to “Your Personal Infinity” nice track great sound.

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