Musicoin music can not be played on a specific browser.

I checked on several browsers that I can play Musicoin music embedded in Twitter and web sites.

I can also listen and listen on Google Chrome or FireFox even when “I can not log in”.

However, in the case of Microsoft Edge, it can not be heard.
The player embedded in the web site is not displayed either.

If I logged in to Musicoin, I can see the display.
You can also listen.

This is a little problem.

It is because you can not listen to music listeners who are using Microsoft Edge and are not registered with Musicoin.

Everyone has not logged in to Musicoin, and Musicoin music on Twitter from Microsoft Edge
Can you listen?

Sorry for my poor English.


I testing “Opera” web browser now.
The Opera browser can listen Twitter`s embed music track.

Just report for the forum users.
I`m happy to the compatibility for musicoin.

i have a few nonmusican listeners some can listen ok some struggle at times i can listen via chrome on computor on a iphone ok but some struggle with i iphone some are ok one close freind has noy been able to play a song for a while still cannot

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