Marketplace for Musicians

So…this is one for the business team to think about, I guess.

We are a whole lot of musicians. And musicians like to spend money on a whole lot of stuff. Like…overpriced equipment, instruments, stuff we never need just for the sake of having it. And we have also some demands on manufactured stuff of our brand, such as merchandising that we can sell to our fans.

So…I don’t know if you have the contacts yet, but I would love to see trustable stores, such as or similar retailers, maybe companies like KORG or Behringer involved into this, which would allow us to buy equipment here for $MUSIC. Maybe you can work something out with some selected shops…I just thought, it would be glorious.

Additionally - I’m personally not a fan of this, because it requires some sort of trust, but I can see people going to like it - we have a whole bunch of stuff, we’d like to get rid off, older equipment we don’t use anymore or some of us even follow a sell 1 buy 1 policy in their studio. Right now ebay is the place to go…but if we can do that here, it would be cool as well.

So…these are the things I can imagine in a distant future. Maybe you’re already working on similar things.

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Top class ideas as always, love the idea that a musician can buy equipment from stores to be able to invest in his art, using $music, that would definitely one way of cashing in on your well earned Coin.

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