@quint-s-ence Thanks for the fine words. Makes me wanna go even funkier now 🙂

My Heavy Funk instrumental composition “Mongo Chops”

NOTE: (Sunday May 13th, 6:20 EST)There was just a site bug that flagged all of my tracks for a short while, right after this track was starting to get noticed with tips, no less. Not sure if this happened to anyone/everyone else, tech support told me it was a bug. My tracks are good now.

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Some really nice tracks here! Good luck everyone

Laid back funk with infectious melodies and a story that took me back to the good groove of the seventies blue-eyed funk. Dancing Dutchman

Hello guys i hope is not to late !! this is one of my favorite song EVER . I enjoyed so much the vocal arrangements and the mood that I really wish you listen guys LONG LIFE MUSICOIN

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Congratulations to our winner @Breez whose track won this week’s competition 🎸 🎷 🎹

Thank you very much everybody for your active participation ☺

Congrats @Breez Dope track you got!

Shout Out to everybody who entered a song in this contest, and is actively involved with Musicoin! Big ups to @Kahsay for bringing great music and his fans. @Zeljko-Stanojkovski We love the competition. Keep it going. And Most importantly - the music lovers who support " You and Me " ! I got madd respect for you All. Dougie…Maria… We got one with this baby! @FINCH-710-Music let’s get back in the labyrinth, I feel a new colab on the horizon. @Katana-Da-Don you know how much I preciate your wicked lyrics, styley af. Keep making them hits fam! Thank you. It’s all in the music 🖤 💜 🎵 🎵


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