Let’s continue our weekly contest for song of the week.
Let this week be the week of R&B & SOUL (all sub-genres are welcome)!

Show us your tracks in this genre!
Let’s see/hear some nice tracks from our library.

Here’s how this should work:

  1. Nominate only your own track(s) by posting URL here on this topic.
  2. We would like to hear some new, quality tracks from you so releases should not be older than 2 months(on our platform).
  3. The track should be in the genre/style which is set for the current week. Those tracks totally out of the genre will be rejected.
  4. We will have different genre every week.
  5. Upvoting the post will be the way of voting.
  6. A reward for the winner will be 1000 MC.
    In case we have two or more posts/tracks with the same number of votes the oldest post will be a winner.

Voting will end on Sunday 5/13 at 9pm UTC.

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Just uploaded this R&B meets jazz fusion track!

Hey Everyone! Im back with a new track, This is an RNB/URBAN track i co-produced with Amy Sharks Producer Brad Hosking.

Its about meeting someone online and falling in love with the idea of that person and hoping that when you meet they are everything you imagined they would be.

Has a moody and subtle nostalgic 90s RNB vibe

Exclusive Musicoin Release! It is not out anywhere else yet! xxx

Not Now” From my new album (release 9 may) “Just Say kNOw this is a song i wrote a few years ago, now made it to Musicoin, featuring two well respected singers - Lan Dong from Vietnam and soul singer from Chicago, Lorenzo Thompson, recorded, mixed and mastered in Prague, Czech Republic. Truly international cooperation. Hope you like!


The inspiring and motivational track “I Need” will be the song used in this campaign, which empower not only the local community but people around the world who want to contribute to a good cause without the financial burden. Thank you for your Love and Support . Enjoy #Food4U

A lot of funky music in here. Makes me happy!

This is my contribution "Funk You Up"

The song is about a dude in a brand new yellow suit with an attitude and groove rarely seen nowadays. I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I did composing and recording it.

The Funkiest Dude in town

Stay funky/K

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@kahsay What a great track. You da funk soul brother!


Yes! Happy to share ‘Better than Revenge’, a collab of Alexxx ( ) and me.
She wrote the song and recorded it with her iPhone in (I believe) a cellar. For a competition on my songwriting forum called ‘Cover a song from another member’ I covered hers. Revenue split is set up so Alexxx earns 50% of every play.

I think this is a beautiful track she wrote, and we had a lot of fun and joy when she listened to ‘my interpretation’. It’s R&B kinda-style this time, so imo it suits this song of the week contest. Enjoy listening!

Here it is:

Mar T.

This is something I am currently working on for my EP. Hoping for some fresh opinions. A bit of modern RnB and hip-hop/rap in this one. Let me know what you think and good luck to everyone!! 🙂

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