What does the "1MC Pending Distribution" Button mean?

We just opened our account today and have noticed there is a message on ur uploaded tracks "1MC Pending Distribution" It's not the first we've seen it and yesterday we clicked on Distribute but it has come back again today. We are just wondering what does it mean?


I guess It means someone gave you a tip, and you should press the button to complete the transaction. If it appears again...you received another one! Thats good news!

Yes, it's in fact a tip waiting for you to be accepted and distributed according to your contract setup (you know...if you have more than one people involved).

I have this too, but when I hit the "Distribute" button, nothing happens. Anyone?

@gemayel you need to hit it a couple of times. it's not so...responding sometimes.

@gemayel Just keep hitting the button. If you read the message it tells you how many MC's you have to distribute. If you have more than 1 you have to hit the button until all MC's have been distributed.

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