About Coinomi Wallet

As for now its not open-sourced:
So I suggest not to hold big amount in it. It still could be considered sort-of secure by some users. But you need to understand that is similar as hold MUSIC on the exchange, right now. More above most android devices are not updated (and never will be updated) and vulnerable. So consider, that this could be comfortable, but way more risky than using Desktop Wallet at this point.
More above I’m not telling about how easy is to lose your phone, or someone could just use pickpockets skills on your.

True story.
Phones are really bad for storing crypto or anything which has value. Not to mention it only works on android, which can be hacked in less than 5 min.
This wallet should be used only as a temporary solution and for small amounts only.

I’m using it and I like the interface, but I agree it could have some security issues, especially since the wallet doesn’t lock or require your password, unless you try to do a transaction. That could be a problem, as anyone accessing your phone could see all your balances, simply by pressing the app’s icon to open it. They definitely need to add an auto-lock on idle feature and a require a password to open the app. One cool thing though is the QR code scanner, you can send coins to cryptopia wihout typing anything! Perfect for lazy artists like myself lol. Of course, right now, I’m HODLing, there is no way in hell I will be dumping my precious coins at such a low price, when we know this coin is going to the moon! 😉

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