Musicians: 3 key ways you can succeed on Musicoin
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Also remember that you can get other musicians to listen to your Musicoin tracks for free on too!

Add Musicoin tracks and get more plays!

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Love Atom Collector. Doing great things for the independent artists willing to put in some time and effort

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Atom Collector Records provides a viable way for musicians to get others to play their music. Unless you have a rich uncle or just happen to be a Lady Gaga or Eric Clapton, ACR is the most effective way for the unsigned Crypto Musician to profit. The general listening public has not caught on to, or for that matter has not even heard of Crypto Music. Crypto Musicians working together is how Musicoin and Choon got started. ACR provides a platform for Crypto Musicians to interact and further their music better than anything I have seen.


Crypto Musician (Transhumanity(Music Collective))

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Heellooo @spidola! Everything Musicoining on your side? 🙂

I’m gonna copy / paste your message on @juxta’s Steemit, it’s probable he’ll see it there sooner.

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@spidola I have deleted this for you.

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