My music and my rights?

Hello folks, I’m new here and was wondering if anyone here can tell me if there are any hidden contract terms I should be aware of before putting any music online here? Do I keep my full rights and do I need a Bitcoin Wallet to get paid?

Thanks 😉


Hi @Jon-Paul-Cunningham ,
No hidden contract terms, you keep 100% of your rights to your music.
You don’t need Bitcoin wallet but you need to use Coinomi wallet or download Musocin desktop wallet(v1.01) in order to transfer coins from your Musicoin profile to exchange market ( currently Cryptopia or Bittrex). ☺

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@Jon-Paul-Cunningham Welcome to our forum and sincerely hope you bring your music to our platform.
If you do it make sure to let us know here in the forum and present yourself and your music!


welcome @Jon-Paul-Cunningham whatever questions you have and any help you need feel free to post them here in the forum, somebody will always answer your questions and help you 🙂

Taking advantage of the rights question posed by Cunningham, is it possible to see the blochain records of the music being posted to solve copyright issues?


@ajax-virgolino Currently not
But there are other measures being used to prevent them ☺

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