Hey everyone,

I’ve been publishing my music around bandcamp and other stores for the last two years and i’ve just been introduced to musicoin from an article i read on forbes. I love the idea and i can’t wait to contribute to it over the next few months. I make mostly ambient music with ties to the Dreampunk and Vapour scenes running rampant through bandcamp, i also have tracks inspired by wave, vaporwave, future bass, lo-fi hiphop, future garage, IDM and downtempo.

I have decided that i will be uploading one song a day from my discography until i’ve run out of music to upload, lets hope that never ceases. Beginning with my debut album Losing Myself, i’ve already published two tracks on my profile thus far.

If you took the time to listen and contribute a coin, just want to preemptively thank you and hope you enjoyed the sounds you heard. One a day for the next however long, if you’re interested a follow will be able to keep you up to date with my latest progress.

My artist profile: https://musicoin.org/nav/artist/0x3161e048de58c95dc3227bb4687de3171368fcfe


Shane / Phorme.