Genres are useful for every music lover

  • Genres are useful And needed for music lovers

    As someone listening to most Genre - whether RnB&Soul, Hip-hop& Rap, Rock, Electronics & Techno, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Samba Funk, Folk, Acoustic and many more - depending on my mood of the day.

    On some weekend days i switch genre and go through 4 different genres...
    especially to enjoy several new tracks from different fields.
    There is still all freedom to switch between all genre - that freedom is not taking away - the whole field of music is just more structured to get specific sounds faster.
    Maybe a parallel page would be possible - or at least the options somewhere to listen through genre.
    I agree with a user saying genre are also helpful for artists to target potential fans.

    Genre go.

    They are also important to people with limited time each day

    • so basically to everyone 👋 ☀ ✌ .


  • They have a genre page if you use the search, but they only show a handful at a time and it's limited to plays and such, they haven't got a full list yet I don't think. My music's a mix of multiple genres.

  • I hope we can create new genre labels. I want to call my music igpay atinlay

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