Value of Musiccoin falling daily

The value of Musiccoin seems to be going down steadily every day. How can we bring up it’s value?

Support it - it is a simple as to think logically.
Good luck with it. Funny message.

The value goes up as down as everything - some days you can think more logically on other days you think lesser logically. It is common sense and good luck Mr Smith.
Our life-time is limited - go for the good moments and after a fall there comes a raising up again. We believe in Musicoin - the artist and tracks are amazing and there are legends we will ongoing support. In addition, it is a self-supporting platform since artists support each other. People enjoy it!

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I couldn’t agree more with Martina! Don’t let the speculating boogeymen scare you off from SPREADING THE WORD FAR AND WIDE! USE the platform, INVITE your friends and relatives, TALK about it in SOCIAL MEDIA, and KEEP YOUR COINS! The less people dump their coins at these ridiculously deflated prices, the more we halt the fall. I would even suggest BUYING some, if you can afford it. Have faith in Musicoin, there is a bright future ahead of us! This coin is not just a store of value, it has PRACTICAL USES, therefore, it will surely gain momentum, as the platform itself grows in popularity…

First thing is spelling Musicoin correctly! 😄

as I see price stoped droping on 190 sat. So, maybe it’s bottom and we must buy as much as can. But if Bitcoin goes to 20k we could see Musicoin price at 100 sat second time in the history

Musicoin hasn’t been going down every day. Its just following the same path as every other crypto, including Bitcoin right now.

Even with the correction, I personally think if everyone knew what was going on with Musicoin… what ALREADY HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED FOR REAL, Musicoin could easily be .20 USD by the end of March.

But, the only way we do it is by spreading the word. I hope that all of you start teaming up in the Musicoin Latest News section and get each other’s back to share, upvote, like, etc. Alls we need is to be coordinated and we will be unstoppable by April.

Thank you @maelstrohmblack @Joel-Bevacqua @metkraming for the thoughtful and qualified comments. The team is ‘getting the whole picture’ and that works well. Also, this pays out with positive outcomes for Musicoin and the community with artists and listener.

@martina-baur My pleasure, I share your thoughts on the matter, all I see is positive outcomes, illustrating beautifully that good things come to those who wait! 😉 ( I mean HODLing, not waiting for the site to promote itself, lol)


Enchanté @maelstrohmblack Je ne pourrais ëtre plus en accord avec toi ! Ah, une question “annexe”: en cherchant á partir du mot-clef “francais”, je n’ai jusqu’ici dégoté que les chansons de Yannick Cluseau. Serait-ce parce qu’á mon clavier manque la cédille de notre glorieuse épithete culturelle, héhé, ou musicoin est-elle encore á ce point confidentielle dans les contrées francophones ?

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Optimism is a great mindset to have indeed. As a newbie to cryptocurrency stuff, I was just stating my observation. It’s nice to see people having a positive outlook on things. I share that sentiment 🙂

@ijatz-guatemala Mon groupe est originaire de Québec! Tu n’es donc pas seul! Présentement nous n’avons ajouté que des singles en anglais, mais une chanson en français est prévue sous peu… Vois le lien dans ma signature! Si tu as de la musique sur le site fais moi signe!


En-chant-é, @oly681, et merci bien ! 🙂 Non, je ne suis point musicien - plutöt écrivain et impulseur de processus sociaux, héhé. Mais je suis occupé á vanter les bienfaits de musicoin auprés de la quinzaine d’auteur-e-s/compositeur/ice/s et interpretes que je connais ici, au Guatemala, et espere que ce petit effort portera ses fruits, á l’instar d’une partition 😛

J’écoute de ce pas - de ce click - l’oeuvre dont tu m’as fourni le lien 🙂

@sebastian-smith Already going back u mate. Crypto is always volatile price wise but at least Musicoin is better than Spotifys payments of £0.0002. We are grateful these days to get $0.01 Even ITunes now is terrible ha ha

Don’t be too hard on Spotify… This thing can get you rich in a matter of centuries.

@ijatz-guatemala Enchanté également! Il est fort possible que la cédille entre en ligne de compte, je ne pourrais dire avec certitude. Je n’ai pas encore fait de recherche particulière. Je vais vérifier!

When you stream your music having it monetized is a bonus, selling your music and streaming your music are completely different things, streaming gets you the buzz you need, that’s why people make music to stream and music to sell.

Let’s summarize this topic in a song “Just the way it is, baby” - the value goes up and down, but with not just musi- or bitcoins - especially in times of ‘Uncertainty’. In Global Politics and our global economies are a lot of changes happening at the moment and those changes and will be implemented soon - in that times of uncertainty, people do not spend much in shops or on coins. Have a good Monday, everyone.

I love my musicoins. No one will take them away from meeeeeeee!!!


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