Bittrex issue - can't trade $MUSIC - my IP address is whitelisted but Bittrex says it's not

Has anyone of you had the same issue on Bittrex? This is the first time I’m using the exchange and it prevents me from trading from my IP address. It says that it needs to be whitelisted, which it is! I don’t know what else to do…

I can try to contact their support but I know how it works with exchanges - you can wait forever for their answer…


Hello @petrajordan, nice to Musicoin you again! 🙂 Have you tried clicking on the account creation confirmation email link Bittrex sent you, to login from there? It seems to be an option.

I also found this Reddit thread, dealing with the differences between IPV4 and IPV6 addresses, in case it could be of help for you:

Wishing you the best of lucks!

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