$38 for 700 Plays Streaming my Music Thanks to Musicoin Blockchain (Video by Pascal Guyon)

  • Comment by Pascal Guyon:

    Talking about the huge benefits of this new music blockchain companies and the risk.
    This is the absolute proper way to stream music globally in my opinion, whether this company succeeds or not. Always keep an eye on the new music blockchain companies.

    You can join Musicoin at https://goo.gl/FZnm3o
    Roadmap of the company : https://medium.com/@musicoin/roadmap-...

    Full explanation:
    This non profit company is based on the blockchain ( meaning getting rid of the middlemen ) and free to use.
    It allows to be paid much more per play than Spotify ( and people can give you tips on top ) .
    Right now the listener is offered 100 free plays, in the next days it will be completely free for the listener...Creators will be fully paid by miners to play their music. Listeners can tip creators by sending $MUSIC coins.

    1 thing I forgot to mention is that the value of the digital coins you're accumulating is constantly changing since the coins are publicly trade on the exchange Bittrex. It means that the dollars equivalent can go up or down ( even if it goes down quite a bit, this is still a lot more than what Spotify offers....). As any other blockchain companies, there is also a risk, the value of the coins could go to 0 even though I highly doubt this will happen. As an early adopter you have much more chance that the value of the coins go up quite a bit.

    Make sure to keep an eye on other music blockchain companies.

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