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You can publish your podcasts on this channel. Please use everything uploaded to our Musicoin platform. Successes 4ALL

@niuquin Nice one buddy. I happen to have a few of those © 💯
Here is a guitar lesson for those who are maybe not familiar with rhythm.
I doubt many MC users or people who see this can’t tap a beat but maybe you can play it to your neighbours when you are around for a cup of tea.

Musicoin will be hosting a new podcast series on Musicoin TV. I found a guy called Corey Fisher in Australia and will be heading up the new initiative. Musicoin is going down under!

I didn’t want Musicoin to just be about music but about ideas about the world whether its art, philosophy, religion, politics, mental health, charity etc. Podcasters spend a long time researching, studying and setting up podcasts and thought it was unfortunate podcasters have found a home at youtube and soundcloud as they are often not remunerated for their work. Musicoin is a great place for podcasts and Corey will be promoting the use of Musicoin for podcasts.

Here is a couple of examples of his work… https://www.heartcorepapyrus.com/podcast/

Awesome. I will definitely use this to share ours: )

Great news for the community. @_daniel-lawton do you think it’s worth looking for podcast ambassador as well?

There is also a lot of videos/podcast with « ASMR » artist. Apparently it’s a thing. Might worth to take a look.

Keep doing the great work 🙂

@Thibault-Shagersword if the podcasts go way, I like to see if Corey could be an ambassador and think that would be a good title for him 😉 yes I will check it out! thanks man!!

0_1526805694244_HH Musicoin Vol 1.png

I uploaded my first Musicoin Podcast called Havey’s Highlights. One of the first DJ mixes where we can use smart contracts to distribute royalties out to the producers whose tracks we use 🙂

This podcast series is all about promoting my favourite genre - Drum & Bass - and supporting the artists by getting them more exposure. It originated on SoundCloud but I wanted to try out the Musicoin platform and (eventually) got it uploaded 🙂



Loved it! Keep up the good work @Nicky-Havey-0 !

@soundphaser Thanks a lot! Will be aiming to do more for sure. Promoting tracks I like from artists and getting them something more from it as well - can only be a good thing 🙂

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